Meet your tour guide then travel to the far north of Shetland - and Britain - on this tour to Yell and Unst.

​​From Toft, a ferry crossing to Yell, 2nd largest of the Shetland Islands. Look out for otters and whales - often seen in these waters.

​On Yell, your tour guide will take you to visit Burravoe with its 17th Century Old Haa, now a museum. Continuing north we reach Gutcher and catch our second ferry - to Unst.

On Britain's most northerly island, we explore Muness Castle, built by the notorious Laurence Bruce.

In Baltasound, you can post a card from the most northerly Post Office in Britain - with a special postmark stating this. Have a seat in the world's most famous bus shelter. Your guide will be happy to take a photo of this!

In Haroldswick, Unst Heritage Centre depicts island life over the years, while Unst Boat Haven, with its collection of small boats, tells the long story of fishing in these northern waters. Your tour guide is a trustee of the Unst Heritage Centre.

Driving up Saxavord, Muckle Flugga lighthouse comes into view - final outpost of Britain. From here are stupendous views over northern Shetland.

​Before heading home, your tour guide will take you down to beautiful, sandy Norwick beach where a section of Oceanic crust has pushed up to expose the ancient sea bed.

​Finally, it's down the west side of Yell, to the Mainland, where your tour guide will drop you off wherever you wish.

Skibladner, replica Viking longship, Unst, Shetland - by Les Sinclair, tour guide, Roundabout Shetland

Full moon over replica Viking longship, Unst.

Copyright, Les Sinclair, Shetland Tour Guide and inhabitant of Unst



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