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During the dark days of the Second World War, Shetland became a virtual fortress as 20,000 men and women of the Army, Navy and Air Force were stationed here.

After the Nazi invasion of Norway in 1940, many young Norwegian men escaped across the North Sea to Britain to carry on the fight.

​Many of these escapees joined the various British armed forces. However, a group of hardy Norwegian seamen – many of them fishermen - based in these islands and using small Norwegian fishing boats, set up a small, clandestine operation. In time, the German forces called them the “Shetland Gang” but to Norwegians in their occupied land the operation became the legendary “Shetland Bus” - taking agents and equipment to Norway and bringing refugees back.

​After meeting your tour guide, we head north from Lerwick. You follow in the footsteps of these intrepid, young men, past the inlet of Catfirth, where they were first based. ​We then continue up the long, narrow peninsula of Lunnaness to Lunna House, their remote headquarters from 1941 with its sheltered anchorage.

​Returning south, we pass through the valley of Kergord where, hidden amongst Shetland’s so-called “forest” is Kergord House – headquarters for British Intelligence and where agents were briefed and de-briefed.

​Next, it's south to Scalloway, on the west side of the Mainland. From 1942 to the end of the war this was the Shetland Bus base. Arriving with next to nothing the Norwegians built up a presence there.

With your tour guide, walk through the picturesque village to various sites connected with the Norwegian resistance fighters.

​Finally, we visit the four-star Scalloway Museum. The museum is run entirely by volunteers and amongst many other interesting items, there is an excellent exhibition about the Shetland Bus.

​​Your tour guide will then return you to your desired destination

Shetland Bus Memorial, Scalloway.

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Shetland Bus memorial, Scalloway, Shetland - by Les Sinclair, tour guide, Roundabout Shetland
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