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Scalloway with its castle. Copyright Les Sinclair, Tour Guide


Scalloway, Shetland - by Les Sinclair, tour gude, Roundabout Shetland

A journey through Shetland history.  

Before we head out of Lerwick, we stop off to view Clickimin Broch – an Iron Age tower built two thousand years ago.

We then travel across the Mainland to the picturesque fishing village of Scalloway - the old capital of Shetland, with its 4-star museum and adjacent 17th century castle. The castle was built, using forced labour, by an oppressive ruler of these islands – before his own downfall. You are welcome to explore the castle. Keys are held in the nearby museum. The museum – run entirely by volunteers - contains, amongst other items, a home-made aeroplane and a display dedicated to the WW2 Shetland Bus clandestine operation for which Scalloway was the headquarters. From here Norwegian seamen set out, in small fishing boats, on dangerous missions to Nazi-occupied Norway.

By the way, this is the ancestral area of your tour guide, Les Sinclair! His family have been here for hundreds of years.

From Scalloway, your tour guide will drive you north, through the narrow, fertile Tingwall valley, site of the old Norse parliament - an important period in Shetland history - before turning west to Wormadale and its spectacular view over the west mainland and towards the island of Foula – one of the remotest inhabited islands of the British Isles. It also has the second highest sea cliffs in Britain.

​Continuing north, we head along Weisdale Voe, one of the many fjord-like inlets in Shetland, we reach the old Weisdale Mill – now Bonhoga Art Centre with its art gallery and café. ​Just to the north of Bonhoga we visit Shetland's "forest" before returning across the island through a now deserted valley – cleared during the period of the infamous Clearances.

Turning south, we head back to Lerwick, past a body of water which played a role in the early settlement of Iceland. Back at our starting point, your tour guide will take you to your desired destination.