Roundabout Shetland Tour Guide, Les Sinclair

Our unique team – consisting of me, Les Sinclair, and ….er, that’s it, will give you all of my attention to ensure your enjoyment.

The son of a fisherman, I was born in Lerwick.  I went to school in Aberdeen, but have lived in Shetland for most of my life.

I first became a tour guide in 1993 and I am a founder-member of the Shetland Islands Tourist Guide Association. I am its current Chairman. I am a fully-qualified tour guide and member of the Scottish Tourist Guide Association and the Shetland Tourism Association.

​At University I wrote my Honours History dissertation on developments in Orkney and Shetland during the 19th century.

I am also a stand-up comedian, having performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I joined the Imposters, a newly formed improvised comedy group in Shetland and we have also performed at the Edinburgh International Improv Festival.